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Dr. Kingsley Nyarko is a Senior Lecturer at the Psychology Department, an adjunct of the Centre for Ageing Studies, and the Foundation Head of the Department of Teacher Education, School of Education and Leadership of the University of Ghana. He obtained his Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Cape-Coast, and both his Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) degrees in Psychology and Educational Psychology respectively from the University of Munich, Germany. He has worked in internationally reputable organisations and serves on several boards and committees in the academia and corporate world. He is also an external examiner of the Department of Educational Foundations—University of Cape-Coast, internal examiner (Masters and Ph. D) at the University of Ghana, and a former visiting lecturer of GIMPA Business School and the University of Education (Kumasi campus).

Dr. Nyarko has published several scientific papers in Educational and Organisational Psychology, and other Psychology related applied fields in both local and international peer-reviewed journals, as well as feature articles and comments on several media platforms. He has attended and presented research papers at international conferences, workshops, seminars, and special lectures. 

He was instrumental in the revival of the Ghana Psychological Association (GPA) in 2011, and chaired the association’s conference organizing committee between 2012 and 2016. He was part of the team that developed the In-Class observation tool for assessing lecturers’ performance, and improving teaching and learning at the University of Ghana. In addition, he helps in training faculty about the effective use of the instrument. Dr. Nyarko was part of the team of educationists that has developed a proposal to train newly appointed and existing faculty about effective teaching and learning methods aimed at enhancing teaching and learning at the University.

Dr. Nyarko has won several awards, including the best researcher at the School of Social Sciences, University of Ghana during the 2014/15 academic year. In 2016, he won a research grant from the Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID), University of Ghana, to lead a team of researchers to investigate the relationship between English reading proficiency and academic performance among lower primary school pupils. He teaches several courses in Psychology, but specialises in Educational and Industrial/Organizational Psychology, as well as Education at the School of Education and Leadership. He offers consultancy services to educational institutions in fostering educational effectiveness and excellence.

Until recently, Dr. Nyarko was the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Psychological Association (GPA); he is a founding member of the Pan African Psychology Union (PAPU). He is also a social/political analyst and features on most radio and television programs within and without the borders of Ghana. He has as well mentored several youth both within and without academia, most of whom are holding responsible positions in the country while others are pursuing graduate and doctoral studies in universities across the globe.


Other Stories

Report on Presidential Election Petition in Ghana
Four months before the 2012 general elections in Ghana, the President and ruling party candidate for the December polls, John Atta Mills, passed away. At the time, the incumbent was down in the polls and his Vice President, John Mahama, who was embroiled in a series of multi-million dollar corruption scandals, was sworn in as President and became the ruling party’s presidential candidate. Ghana had a newly compiled voters’ list compiled earlier in 2012, using biometric technology, to help prevent multiple registrations and avoid repeat voting and impersonation, two of the major problems with previous elections. Accordingly, a new law was passed, which effectively meant: “No Verification, No Vote”. Voters were distributed across 275 constituencies made up of 26,002 polling stations. Click here for full report
"The court in the execution of its duty to protect the citizen's liberty always proceeds on the well-known principle, at any rate as acknowledged in democratic countries, of the primary necessity in the administration of the law to establish a healthy balance between the need to protect the community against crime and the need to protect individual citizens against abuse of executive power. Subject to the limits imposed on this twofold protection by the establishment and maintenance of the requisite balance, the scales are to be held evenly, at any rate in normal times, between the community, that is the State and the individual and there can be no question of 'leaning over backward,' so to speak, to favour the State at the expense of the citizen or to favour the citizen at the expense of the community. And the courts' vigilance in protecting the citizen against any encroachments on his liberty by the executive becomes meaningful and real only when pursued on the basis of this principle." Chief Justice Akufo-Addo, Ex Parte Braimah.
Why is EC Silent  On Panel’s Report On Validation Of Voters’ Register?
We invited the media today for this news conference because we find it strange and potentialy dangerous that the most reasonable solution that was tabled by the VCRAC Crabbe panel for giving Ghana a credible register for credible elections in 2016 appears to have been totally ignored by the Electoral Commission. We, therefore, want to draw attention to this and ask you, journalists, the Fourth Estate of the Realm, to demand urgent answers from the Electoral Commission on the fate of the wise proposal from the EC’s own panel of experts for the introduction of validation for the voters’ register. Full Publication
AU to unveil single African SIM card
Jan 28, 2011, PANA-- The African Union (AU) has unveiled plans for a single standardised SIM card for all African mobile phone operators in an effort to save millions of subscribers the extra cost and register the dot African domain name, senior officials said on Thursday. AU Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, Elham Ibrahim, said a study on the introduction of a single African SIM card has been underway and ‘is expected to be completed within a month’.The Commission would then hold a validation workshop with the key industry players in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to agree on the technical details needed to have the mobile phone operators accept the use of a single African SIM card, which it hopes would reduce the cost of roaming phone services.
 EC BUDGETS $230M FOR NEW VOTERS REGISTER Kenya did same for $95M
Credible information available to the New Statesman indicates that the Electoral Commission has prepared a budget of $230 million for a possible compilation of a new biometric voters register for the 2016 general elections.
Transcript  of Yaw Boateng Gyan’s Tape
“When I return, I hope the work that I expect you to do, is done. I intend to get a pick up vehicle. Kwasi says he has to travel to Sunyani for his brother’s engagement and a funeral and so he’s gone. I’ll get a white land cruiser and a pick-up. If you work together, it’s fine. If you work individually, it’s fine. Then, you go and gather information, as many information as possible and when you go, coach the regional organizers.
The Executive Secretary of the anti-corruption campaign group, Ghana Integrity Initiative, says President Mills must sanction all state appointees responsible for ensuring that the proper due diligence was done on the STX housing deal. President Mills yesterday ordered the withdrawal from Parliament of the controversial housing deal after it came to light the House had not been furnished with all relevant documents relating to the deal.
What Our Politicians Can Learn From Thatcher: The Politics Of Conviction Not Indecision
On Saturday, I was driving through the University of Legon campus, in a four-wheel drive, when one of a small group of young men (about 8 in all) at a junction, shouted “Ghana money!” at me. I patiently got to a safer part of the road, turned the vehicle around and drove back to the students to have a small not-so-friendly chat. I told them how disappointed I was in their exhibition of envy as they prepare themselves for a competitive adult world. I told them that I was also once a student and worked hard to get to where I am today and continue to work hard to get better. I would hate for them to go through all that to be envied for trying to be successful through hard work. I advised them, in not so many words, not to equate success to corruption when they have no basis and to rather celebrate success, be inspired by it and aspire to it.
Rawlings has a point, the growth in corruption is a major election issue, so is Ghana’s GH¢28.3BN public debt
Former President Jerry john Rawlings has once again injected some excitement into the December elections with the issues he raised in his recent meeting with members of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs. In our view, he was sincere about the issues he raised and the angles he took. The ruling National Democratic Congress was, until July 24, going into a general election with a leader who was, understandably, very unwell. Now, in President John Dramani Mahama, they have a leader who has, indeed, added “a spark to the governing party…
President Kufuor To Give First Major Address In Ghana Since Leaving Office
President Kufuor To Give First Major Address In Ghana Since Leaving Office His Excellency, Mr. John Agyekum Kufuor, former President of Ghana is set to deliver his first major address in Ghana since leaving office on January 7, 2009.