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Once again, the President has proven to the citizenry, that he is the leader who is determined to lead the country on the trajectory of socio-economic transformation, personal liberties and economic freedoms. Addressing the media at the Jubilee House, the Presidential Seat, on 18th July, 2017, he made it clear of his resolve and drive to bequeath to the current and successive generations, a very robust economy and a prosperous nation. As has been the custom of previous presidents of the country over the years, especially under the Fourth Republic, the President, who was overwhelmingly, voted into office by the electorate in the December 7 polls, and also a firm believer in responsible governance, rendered an account of his stewardship to the people.


Dr. Kingsley Nyarko is a Senior Lecturer at the Psychology Department, an adjunct of the Centre for Ageing Studies, and the Foundation Head of the Department of Teacher Education, School of Education and Leadership of the University of Ghana. He obtained his Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Cape-Coast, and both his Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) degrees in Psychology and Educational Psychology respectively from the University of Munich, Germany. He has worked in internationally reputable organisations and serves on several boards and committees in the academia and corporate world. He is also an external examiner of the Department of Educational Foundations—University of Cape-Coast, internal examiner (Masters and Ph. D) at the University of Ghana, and a former visiting lecturer of GIMPA Business School and the University of Education (Kumasi campus).


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Ken Ofori-Atta, the Chairman of the Databank Group, has charged on Ghanaians, including the youth, teachers, NGOs, journalists and clerics to stop being quiet and neutral in the search for justice and show some courage and outrage in the face of attacks on integrity in our democracy and the way the nation’s finances are being mishandled. He said this when he delivered the second of the William Ofori-Atta (Paa Willie) Institute for Integrity Lectures at the British Council Hall, last Tuesday (March 12, 2013).
The Association of Magistrates and Judges (AMJG) has noted with grave concern, the recent press statement of the ruling National Democratic Congress which was delivered by its National Chairman, Dr. Kwabena Adjei in response to a ruling of the High Court that discharged Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobbey and Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani, the two accused persons in the Ghana @ 50 trial. It has become pertinent for us to explain how the Judiciary goes about its work in response to the very issues raised at the Press Conference organized by the NDC on 17th August, 2010.
What does Kenya want?
With both the West and East now courting Nairobi, President Kenyatta must decide how to do business with allies both old and new.
Ruling: Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwah, Dr Edward Omane Boamah vrs The Attorney General and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey
The plaintiffs as per their writ claim as follows:1. A declaration that, by virtue of Articles 20(5), 20(6), 23, 257, 258, 265, 284 and 296 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, 1992, the Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing in the previous Government of His Excellency, President J.A. Kufuor, did not have the power to direct the sale, disposal of transfer of any Government or public land to the 2nd Defendant or any other person or body under any circumstances whatsoever, and that any such direction for disposal, sale or outright transfer of the said property in dispute or any public land to the 2nd Defendant was unconstitutional and illegal. Click here for Justice Atugubah's ruling Click here for Justice Brobbey's ruling Click here for Justice Dotse's ruling
The Wuaku Commission report, submitted in November 2002, stated: “Having considered the totality of evidence before the Commission, we have come to the conclusion that the events that took place in Yendi on 25th, 26th, and 27th March, 2002, were criminal acts of an act of war fought between two Gates for which individuals from both Gates are blameable.”It further found that “the illegal stockpiling of arms and ammunitions by both Abudu and Andani royal families and sympathisers made it easier for them to resort to violence.” History tells us that in the 14th century Na Gbewaa established the ancient Kingdom of Greater Dagbon with Pusiga as the capital. His death resulted in a power struggle which saw one of his sons, Zirli murdering his brother, Kufogu in order to assume the skin. That historical account informs us that the killing of Prince Kufogu led to a full-blown war, which ended in the break-up of the Greater Dagbon Kingdom.
Petitioners Accuse EC Of Forging List Of Foreign Voters
The list of the 705 voters submitted by the Electoral commission as being names of Ghanaians registered in various diplomatic missions abroad to vote in the December 2012 polls, “was actually forged and contained several instances of multiple names and fake identities.” This revelation is contained in the main affidavit of the petitioners in the presidential election petition challenging the outcome of the December polls as declared by the Electoral Commission.
America happy with Akufo-Addo's election petition
United States is pleased with the on-going political situation in Ghana with regards to the current petition challenging the outcome of the December 2012 presidential polls in court.Mr Michael Pelletier, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, African Affairs of the US Department of State, said “it shows that the institutions are working in Ghana and people have confidence in the institutions.”Mr Pelletier said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at the US Department of State building in Washington DC yesterday after meeting with 2013 Spring Professional Fellows to address US-Africa foreign policy issues.
Ghana loses $1bn a year in petroleum revenue
The Executive Director of the Danquah Institute, Gabby Otchere-Darko, has stated that industry experts estimate that every day that Ghana either flares gas or is unable to utilise the associated natural gas from Jubilee for power translates into $1.2 million a day in lost revenue. “This means that for this year the avoidable delays in the development of the gas infrastructure will cost the country a minimum of $638 million”, Gabby said.
Al-Qaida’s Appeal:  Understanding its Unique Selling Points
Despite its seemingly extreme ideology and its even more extreme use of political violence, al-Qaida has been able to elicit sympathy and support from a surprisingly large number of people. Suspected al-Qaida members have been arrested in dozens of countries around the world, and opinion polls in both Western and Middle Eastern countries have shown that relatively large numbers of young Muslims express sympathy with al-Qaida. In other words, we have a situation in which al-Qaida has killed civilians on a massive scale, including a large number of Muslims, but still seems to enjoy relatively widespread support. How can we explain this apparent conundrum? This article argues that al-Qaida's continuing appeal is a result of three key factors. First, al-Qaida propagates a simple popular message, which resonates strongly with deeply held grievances in the Muslim world. The organisation strives to follow the popular mood in many respects. Second, al-Qaida has created for itself a powerful and captivating image.
List of successful coup d'etats in Africa
Coup leaders must seize and hold central authority for at least one week to be considered a “successful” coup d’etat. The names of coup “leaders” listed are those named in reports, accusations, and/or subsequent trials. The date of the coup event is the beginning date for successful or attempted coups and the date of announcement for discovered coup plots and coup allegations. Click here for full report