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The Danquah Institute was established on 4 February 2008 to act as a policy think-tank, research and analysis centre.

The Institute is named after Dr Joseph Boakye Danquah (21 December 1895 – 4 February 1965), one of Ghana’s founding fathers who established Ghana’s first political party, the United Gold Coast Convention, in 1947, earning him the moniker “the doyen of Gold Coast politics”. In addition to his political activities, Dr Danquah was a noted lawyer, philosopher, scholar, journalist and theologian.

Located in Accra, the DI is headed by Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, a UK and Ghana-trained barrister and solicitor. A former Editor-in-Chief of The Statesman newspaper, PR expert and prominent media commentator, Gabby has made a significant contribution to Ghanaian political discourse over many years. As a former strategist for the centre-right New Patriotic Party and one of the key advisors to that party's 2008 presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo, he brings to the Danquah Institute a rich political background that gives the Institute unique authority and insight into the problems facing Ghana today as well as assuring its influence and command over the political agenda.

Other Stories

Danquah Institute boss gives NDC congress 'remarkable' rating
The Executive Director of the Danquah Institute has applauded the just-ended congress of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), urging other political parties “to take a cue" from it. Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko said although the party’s congress might have experienced minor “security hitches,” overall performance was “remarkable.” “I think it went very well and I was very happy about it…It’s about time we moved away from this negative expectation from party meetings where you are afraid that there would be violence; you are afraid that things that don’t actually matter are the very things that…dominate the headlines,” Mr Otchere-Darko said. The pro-liberal think-tank boss said this when he featured on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Monday.
As the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council prepares to hold a special session tomorrow on the situation in Côte d'Ivoire since the 28 November presidential election run-off, Reporters Without Borders urges the council and other international bodies to pay close attention to the press freedom situation there. The publication of newspapers has been obstructed, local retransmission of certain foreign radio and TV stations has been blocked and there has been a disturbing decline in the security of journalists, creating a climate of fear and intimidation for the media.
Press Release: Bank of Ghana sanctions Access Bank and 5 Forex Bureaus for breaches of Foreign Exchange Act
The Bank of Ghana has decided to take action on a number of irregularities in the conduct of foreign exchange transfers by a bank and a number of forex bureaux. Access Bank Ghana Limited engaged in the externalization of various sums in favour of a company which had no account relationship with the bank and, in another instance, in favour of a company without any documentation. The transfers were made without the documentation required by the Foreign Exchange Act and Guidelines.
Press Release: UK Expert To Lecture Ghana On Money-Laundering
The Danquah Institute has invited the world renowned international criminal law expert, John Hardy QC, to deliver two lectures on international corruption and money laundering next week.The first lecture, which is targeting players in the financial sector, legislatures, policy makers, and anti-corruption crusaders, among others, is on money laundering and takes place at the British Council on Tuesday, March 9, at 9.30am.
Drug Trafficking: Has it really been reduced?
The Danquah Institute has questioned the validity of the claims from the Presidency that the incidence of drug trafficking in the country has been reduced. Even though President Mills during his campaign pledged to vigorously fight the menace, the reported shortage of drugs by the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) last week can not be simply explained as the result of increased efforts by the government and security agencies.Nana Attobrah Quaicoe, Head of Research at the Danquah Institute remarked: “Governance is essentially about policies, legislations and enforcements and not mere indications or speculations; it is particularly worrying because it is difficult to point at any new policy or legislation of the new government in this regard. There is no statistics to back the claims, no coast guards nor sniffer dogs at border post and indeed we don’t even know of any increment in budgetary allocation to NACOB.”
Reclaiming the Land After Mining
The Foundation for Environmental Security and Sustainability (FESS) works to improve environmental security around the worl d, focusing in particular on the fragile relationship between populati ons and the environment in developing countries where many people are directly dependent on natura l resources for their livelihoods. FESS works with government officials, researchers, civil society organiza tions, and the private sector to increase awareness of how the mi smanagement and abuse of natural resources can lead to social, economic, and political in stabilities that can contribute to social tension and even violent conflict. To a ddress environmental ri sks to stability, FESS conducts research and implements community-d riven projects that promote sustainable management of natural resour ces and the environment.
“Peacock” Spio, You Misdirected Your “Piss” This Time Around!
I read the article titled “Spio Garbrah: Kufour, educate Nana Addo on how to apply wisdom” on myjoyonline.com on the 27th of January, 2012 authored by Dr. Ekwow Spio Garbrah, a former minister under the Rawlings regime and a failed flag bearer aspirant of the NDC. The article was in support of the hypocritical stance of President Dzi Wo Fie Asem Mills on the Ivorian Crisis. His praise article might come as a surprise to many, knowing that Dr. Spio Garbrah is acclaimed for “pissing in”. Readers would recall the “pissing in and out” banter that happened in this country last year, when Dr. Spio Garbrah published in the Daily Graphic an objective and bold article criticizing President Mills for appointing TEAM B people to manage our national affairs when he, and other TEAM A’s are on the bench. The TEAM B article caused so much confusion within the ruling NDC party. It got so tensed that the presidency through I-DON’T-LIKE-KUFOURS-FACE Koku Anyidoho described Dr. Spio Garbrah as a fake “Doctor” whose doctorate degree was conferred on him by some “TWO BY FOUR” college in the U.S.A. He also described “Dr.” Spio Garbrah as a “PEACOCK” who sees nothing good in others but himself.
Subsidiary Agreement - Gas Infrastructure Project
The Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of Ghana are resolved to expand bilateral relations through harmonious, sustainable and win-win economic co-operation measures, in line with the principles adopted for the Forum on China-Africa Co-operation. The Lender seeks to apply its financial support as a means to enhance bilateral economic and trade relations between China and Ghana by extending commercial loans to the Borrower, to be applied by the Borrower on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. Click here for subsidiary agreement
Special voting was used to duplicate results – Gloria Akuffo
A member of the petitioners' legal team Gloria Akuffo has asserted special voting was the vehicle used to perpetuate massive irregularities that formed the basis for declaring John Mahama as president.Early on in court there was disagreement on whether pink sheets were used to record results from special voting.The petitioners debunked claims by the Electoral Commissioner that results of special votes were first entered on pink sheets before being transferred on to the collation sheet.
Controversy over Mills’ achievement
The Executive Director of the Danquah Institute, Mr Gabby Otchere Darko, and the Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr Kobby Acheampong, locked horns over the weekend debating the performance of the present government led by President John Evans Atta Mills. Whereas the boss of the Danquah Institute argued that President John Evans Atta Mills has had a tremendous opportunity to have an unprecedented impact on the lives of Ghanaians, the Deputy Minister maintained that the achievements of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government is unparalleled in terms of the provision and improvement in social infrastructure, sound economy and peace and stability throughout the country.