Last week, the NPP led a brave charge for a new register at a public forum which I maintain was arranged to reject that very proposition. Leading the vociferous charge against disturbing the current register was the ruling National Democratic Congress, supported by parties, most of whom exist only on paper, but have reserved seats at the IPAC table.


Friday, October 30, 2015, is the opportunity for parties, organisations and journalists at the two-day public forum on the voters’ register to ask the Electoral Commission questions and hopefully get answers that can help decide whether Ghana will have a new register or not.


This report provides institutional assessment of the Electoral Commission of Ghana (hereinafter EC). The assessment was conducted in the period of July-August 2015 under the UNDP-funded project “Conduct of an Institutional Assessment and the Development a Strategic Plan for the Electoral Commission of Ghana”.

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Authorities in Guinea imposed a curfew in the city of Nzerekore overnight Monday following violent clashes between rival political groups ahead of the presidential election. Dozens were injured in fighting over the weekend and local media sources said one person was killed, according to Reuters.


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54 Members of Parliament have petitioned the Speaker of Parliament to recall Members for an emergency deliberation to set up an urgent enquiry on the District Assembly elections fiasco. The petition, signed by 54 MPs from the Minority side of the House, including Independent MPs, is in accordance with Article 112(3) and Order 38(1) of the Standing Orders of Parliament, which allows 15% of Members to request for a an urgent meeting of Parliament and for the Speaker to, within a week, summon a meeting of Parliament for the consideration of the urgent agenda.
Are Danquah-Busiasts Really Elitist?
In 1949, J B Danquah of the United Gold Coast Convention said “independence in the shortest possible time.” Kwame Nkrumah countered that with the scream “independence now!” Nkrumah’s shout resonated with the masses of the Gold Coast and within one year, Nkrumah had used the nucleus of the party he was invited from the United Kingdom to help organise, to set himself up as the popular leader of the independence struggle. Eventually, it took another 8 years for Ghana to gain independence from the United Kingdom, and only becoming a republic in 1960.
Brief Report On The Presidential Election Petition In Ghana
Four months before the 2012 general elections in Ghana, the seated President and ruling party candidate, John Atta Mills, passed away. At the time, the incumbent was down in the polls and Vice President John Mahama, then embroiled in a series of multi-million dollar corruption scandals, became the presidential candidate. Allegations of large scale, systemic bribery and systematic vote buying were common with this election. Checks show that an estimated $180m of unbudgeted expenditures were made from the treasury in the last 6 weeks before the election, much of which can be directly traced to efforts to influence the election illegally by bribing electoral officials and buying votes. Information provided to the opposition, prior to the election, alleged that the ruling party had set out to compromise electoral officers and other election agents in at least 180 of 275 constituencies across the country.
EOCO Report on Woyome Judgement Debt
In or about July, 2004, Ghana was awarded the right to host the 26th Cup of African Nations (CAN) 2008 football tournament. Among other things, the Conferederation of African Football (CAF) specified that the tournament should be held in at least four separate stadia Click here for full EOCO Report
If you ‘Woyomise’ the economy the cedi will depreciate- Bawumia
Dr Mahamadu Bawumia says pumping a lot of money into the economy for no work done is partly the reason for the depreciation of the country’s currency.Describing the phenomenon as "woyomisation of the economy" in reference to the payment of judgement debts to Alfred Woyome, Construction Pioneers and others, the NPP vice presidential candidate said the free fall of the country’s currency is an expression of the lack of confidence in the economy.
Press release on Thursday public forum on Govt/STX Korea Housing Deal
Danquah Institute(DI), The Imani Centre and The World Bank are organizing a public forum to probe Government’s US$1.5 Billion Supplier’s Credit Facility Agreement for Housing with STX Korea, a construction firm from the Republic of Korea. Tuesday June 01, Accra– Danquah Institute (DI), a leader in policy advancement, advocacy and research in collaboration with the World Bank and Imani Centre will on Thursday 3rd June hold a public forum at the British Council Hall on the feasibility of the agreement between the Government of Ghsna and STX Korea for the construction of 200,000 housing units for $10 billion.
Ghana loses $1bn a year in petroleum revenue
The Executive Director of the Danquah Institute, Gabby Otchere-Darko, has stated that industry experts estimate that every day that Ghana either flares gas or is unable to utilise the associated natural gas from Jubilee for power translates into $1.2 million a day in lost revenue. “This means that for this year the avoidable delays in the development of the gas infrastructure will cost the country a minimum of $638 million”, Gabby said.
Rev. Degbe: 2012 elections will be more credible, peaceful
Rev. Dr. Fred Deegbe, the General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, believes that while the electoral process is still beset by problems, the upcoming polls will likely be more credible and peaceful than previous ones. Part of the reason that he is confident is because the police and other security personnel have been well equipped not only with weapons but with communications gadgets to call for backup when necessary.
I will begin this article by asking anybody interested in knowing about the various documents - agreements, MOUs, letters, etc - on the $10 billion STX proposal for Ghana to visit You may even have the opportunity to read a letter from cabinet marked confidential. This STX deal, to my knowledge, is the single costliest, unpatriotic deal that any democratic Ghanaian government has appended a signature to since that obnoxious 1960 constitution. There is an agreement before Parliament, apparently recalled by Cabinet, for a loan of $1.5 billion for Government to give to STX to build 30,000 housing units for security agencies, including 15,240 one-bedroom flats and 9,356 two-bedroom flats. STX Engineering & Construction Ghana Limited, the recently established vehicle for this project, is curiously mentioned as the lender, when it is really the lender-on. STX Corporation, the parent conglomerate, has notable liquidity issues but can certainly raise money on an off-take agreement backed by a sovereign guarantee and oil, as the agreement with the Ghanaian Government offers.
Nkrumah's Celebration Renews Age-Old Debate
The declaration of September 21 as statutory public holiday in honour of Ghana’s first President, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, has renewed an age-old debate between adherents of the two dominant political traditions in the country regarding the appropriateness of celebrating Nkrumah as the sole founder of the nation.The debate was carried to the campus of the University of Ghana, Legon,Thursday, during which faithful of the Danquah/Busia tradition argued that it was better to honour all those who contributed to the cause of independence than just one person, while advocates of the Nkrumaist tradition justified the honour bestowed on Nkrumah because he stood tallest amongst the rest in the struggle for independence.