Throw a dart at a map of Europe now and it takes expert aim to hit a country run by a left-of-center government, especially after Spain's Socialists were emphatically drubbed out of power over the weekend. Although the shift to the right began years ago in such heavyweights as France and Germany, it is now all but complete three years into the continent's grinding debt and economic crisis. Why?

When times get tough – when "the cows get thin" as the Spanish say – political experts say edgy voters seek comfort with conservatives.


Egyptians are voting in the opening stage of the first elections since former President Hosni Mubarak was toppled in February. As dawn broke, people were already queuing to cast their ballots outside polling stations in the capital, Cairo. But protesters who want the vote to be postponed still occupy Tahrir Square.

The head of the country's military council, which took over after Mr Mubarak was unseated, has said the country is "at a crossroads".


Polls have opened for the Democratic Republic of Congo's presidential elections, after a run-up marred by violence and logistical delays. The head of the electoral commission said 99% of polling stations were ready and voting would go ahead as planned. At least three people were killed on Saturday, leading to a police ban on final campaign rallies.

It is the second presidential poll in DR Congo since the end of 1996-2003 wars which left four million dead.


The theory of evolution by Charles Darwin teaches us about natural selection—i.e. survival of the fitters. We can survive as a nation when we have established a strong and solid educational system. It is a solid educational system that can deliver the country from abject poverty to economic freedom.

It is a shame to witness the way we address issues of education in the country. It appears populism and political showdown have been the rationale behind addressing educational issues in the country instead of allowing ourselves to be informed by evidence on the ground.


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The promise to teachers, and soon to nurses, doctors and other civil servants of seeing a substantial increment in their take-home pay as promised by the Mills-Mahama led NDC administration seems to be little more than a pipedream. The Independence Day promise that ‘this Government will not shortchange teachers’ could be described as just another in the litany of broken promises. Documents and analysis made available to the New Statesman reveal that there is no extra money for the implementation of the Single Spine Salary Structure. In fact, the money made available to extend the SSSS to both education and health workers this year is nearly GH¢2 billion short. Thus to pretend to implement it and offer promises of allowances to keep aggrieved workers calm will only amount to shortchanging them.
Is IPAC losing its focus towards electoral transparency?
After the much anticipated need for electoral reforms in Ghana to stem the tide of voter fraud, it is beginning to look like the government has finally buckled to the wishes of common sense that the kind of voters register we have used since 1992 is redundant, retrogressive unwanted and to a large extent archaic. The wish of common sense would have been that we switched to biometric registration followed by e-voting. Somehow the government has agreed to fund the biometric registration but has curiously refused to fund the e-voting. Be that as it may the next step is to give the various political parties a clear road map to the implementation of the biometric registration.
The first accused person namely Charles Wereko Brobbey, was the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana @ 50 Secretariat. The second accused Kwadwo Okyere Impiani was the Chairman of the National Planning Committee of the staff of Ghana @ 50 Celebration. The second accused was also the former Chief of Staff and Minister for Presidential Affairs under the government of former President J.A. Kuffour. The two have been charged before this court with four counts of wilfully Causing Financial Loss to the State contrary to Section 179A (3) (a) of the Criminal Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29). The two have pleaded not guilty to all the four counts. Before the prosecution could start adducing evidence to discharge its burden, the accused persons separately filed two motions on notice challenging the jurisdiction of this court in trying them. The application filed by the first accused on the 24th May 2010, prayed as follows:
Increase Local Procurement in Mining to Promote Growth in Africa, says World Bank Study
Mining companies can boost economic growth in West Africa by purchasing more equipment, supplies and services from local companies, says a World Bank report released today. The study, Increasing Local Procurement by the Mining Industry in West Africa, shows that raising the share of local procurement by mining companies would spread the benefits of mining more evenly across a countrys economy, creating jobs and stimulating the sustainable development of local enterprises.
2012 NPP Manifesto: Transforming lives, Transforming Ghana
This year’s election is a historic moment for Ghana. Ghanaians have a simple choice to make in either moving forward with the NPP or staying with the failed policies and personalities of the NDC administration that have brought them hardships and poverty. We, in the NPP have been in the forefront of Ghana’s development and transformation agenda. Our record of achievement during our time in government points to the fact that we know how to bring prosperity to Ghana and also make our motto of development in freedom a reality for all. Click here for full document of NPP 2012 Manifesto
Accra, September 21, 2009 – Today, the World Bank Ghana Office joins the Government and people of Ghana in commemorating the 100th birthday of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.The vision for a better future developed so eloquently by this great son of Africa still drives this nation’s work, and ours, today. His words of wisdom remain alive with meaning and urgency:
The Danquah Institute, a policy think tank, has cautioned against plans of the government to return to the discredited old policy of selecting, by discretion, 30% of first year Senior High School students from catchment areas. While welcoming the policy to ensure that the local people are given a special allocation to schools in their areas, DI disagrees with the discretionary manner the Government intends to have the policy implemented. In his State of the Nation address to Parliament, President JEA Mills said, “We have noted that the rate at which the computerized placement mechanism is blocking access to second cycle education by pupils from basic schools in the catchment area.”
Important Questions For The Electoral Commission From Danquah Institute
Friday, October 30, 2015, is the opportunity for parties, organisations and journalists at the two-day public forum on the voters’ register to ask the Electoral Commission questions and hopefully get answers that can help decide whether Ghana will have a new register or not.
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, we have called you here to inform the good people of Ghana through you about developments in Parliament regarding the STX housing project. You will recall that on Thursday, July 15, 2010, the NDC government through it’s Parliamentary representatives withdrew from the floor of the House a motion to approve of A Supplier’s Credit Agreement Between the Government of Ghana and STX Engineering and Construction Ghana Limited for an amount of US$1,525,443,468 for the construction of 30,000 units of houses for the security services in Ghana. This withdrawal was ostensibly occasioned by arguments proffered by the Minority side which had started to debate the motion on Wednesday, July 14, 2010. We are here today to tell Ghanaians the reasons why the Minority was asking Parliament to reject the proposal placed before it at the instance of Professor Mills, since the agreement came by Executive approval and not Cabinet approval. It is critically important to let the good people of Ghana know this because, as you may recollect, of the seven people that the Minority had lined up for the debate only two people spoke before the government beat a hasty retreat.
Cedi flashing Signs of Currency Crisis
If the currency crises in Mexico and Russia ring a bell, then watch the new Ghana cedi. The cedi dropped to a record low of GHc1.77 per dollar and the downfall is accelerating with no support in sight. The cedi versus dollar exchange rate shows the cedi has been in a perpetual fall against the US dollar. President John Kufuor’s administration converted the cedi to a new Ghana cedi and delineated four zeros from the old cedi. The change meant ten thousand of the old cedi became one new Ghana cedi.